La familia (The Family) (2023)

La familia (The Family) (2023)

Mar. 07, 2023
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Nur Sürer isHülya Soykan
Hülya Soykan
Nejat İşler isCihan Soykan
Cihan Soykan
Canan Ergüder isLeyla Soykan Sayıcı
Leyla Soykan Sayıcı
Mert Denizmen isTolga Sayıcı
Tolga Sayıcı
Emel Göksu isSeher Soykan
Seher Soykan


With the gun attack on the farm, Devin needs the support of only one person as he goes through perhaps the most difficult days of her life: Aslan. But instead of Aslan, she finds herself with an army of bodyguards. Hülya, increases the pressure on her family members, especially Devin. Security measures are maximized at the farm until it is found who organized the attack. As she confronts the darkness of Soykan family, Devin, who begins to question the truths she believes about Aslan, knocks on Cihan’s door to find an answer. While trying to get to know Aslan, she will also meet the darkness within himself. Aslan’s focus is on finding the person who shot Eko. Anyone who might benefit from this attack is suspect to Aslan. Finally, the curtain falls… Aslan finds out who the attacker is. However, Devin asks Aslan to promise not to turn this into a vendetta. Hulya; While she is executing his plans to bring Aslan and Devin to the farm, will Aslan be able to keep his promise to Devin?

La familia (The Family) (2023)
La familia (The Family) (2023)
Título original Aile
Fecha de primera emisión Mar. 07, 2023
Última transmisión Jan. 30, 2024
Temporadas 2
Episodios 30
Duración 120m

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